About Me
Kathleen grew up spending her time drawing and painting, using the dog as her pillow with the sound of the piano music floating from the open windows. She has been called “Fred” for as long as she can remember: her father’s idea of a one-time joke that is still with her today. Kathleen was the youngest in a large, Irish family where there was no shortage of laughter and chaos. Kathleen’s retreat was finding quiet time with her pencil, paper and puppy. The thoughtful work of Piper Hawkin’s Visions of Light was a perfect fit for Fred.

After receiving her BFA from Columbus College of Art & Design, Kathleen has enjoyed working for some of the happiest companies on earth!  She has created concept work, signage, murals and color packages for Universal Studios, Legoland, Six Flags and many other children’s museums and waterparks. One of Kathleen’s projects which has brought her the most smiles was the ride queue for Billy Beaver’s Log Flume! Her body of work includes: the creation of the first swimsuit cover for Radiance Magazine, designing high-end wall coverings and creating backdrops for children’s theatre.

Kathleen also finds time to volunteer for a cause that is close to her heart by sharing her artistic spirit with Fernside, a local center dedicated to help grieving children.

Currently residing in Villa Hills, Kentucky with her husband, Don, Kathleen can be found creating Celtic knots in clay, painting pet portraits or creating her next ingenious Halloween costume. 

The Puppy Tooth Fairy

Triquetra Knot – also known as the trinity knot, is the most well-known knot and is most often associated with the Holy Trinity. The joining of the three half circles creates a clover-like shape with three pointed ends. This early Celtic symbol predates Celtic Christianity yet has come to be represent the strongest symbol in Christianity. It may also represent the three goddesses, or sisters, of Irish sovereignty. This knot can be found in the illustrated manuscripts, as well as on crosses, chalices and other religious objects